Ultimate Buying Guide for Air Intake Systems

October 3, 2018 By

This article will not reveal the fantastic power gains that will be accrued to you via the installation of truck accessories as applicable in the case of the air intake system. We won’t even reveal to you the leap in fuel efficiency you should be expecting when you mount a high-flowing cold air intake. We are just being realistic.  According to righttorisesuperpac.org, incorporating an aftermarket intake into your SUV or your truck is going to enhance the performance of the system. And in return, these added performance benefits will provide better fuel efficiency.

As highlighted above, using a high-flow air intake system always turn out to be an informed decision. They generally provide larger diameter inlet tubes that are evenly discharged and allow air to quickly discharge into your engine and with increased volume. They also come with reusable filters that are conical in shape and larger and also facilitate increased airflow. Each of these accessories is equipped with a bolt-on design that doesn’t require any modification and also comes with the hardware required for installation. The top manufacturers are AIRAID, S&B, AEM, K&N, and Volant. Let us talk about the systems.

K&N FIPK Intake Kits

FIPKs – Fuel Injection Performance Kits, are the conventional high-flow air intake kit made by K&N. They are legal in 50-state and supports most vehicles. They are usually equipped with a pleated, aftermarket air filter and a high-flow intake tube that provides a larger surface area, and a heat resistant to help remove hot air from the intake system. It also includes all necessary hardware, so installation is incredibly easy. As applicable to all K&N’s systems, these come with a lifetime warranty.

Volant Cool Air Systems

The Volant closed airbox design features reusable, high-flow element, which helps discharge hot engine air from the intake system. The fact is that you will get a cool air for maximum vehicle performance. In addition,

Volant high-flow intake systems are legal in 50 states and have a lifetime warranty.

These intakes feature a reusable cotton gauze filter that is incorporated into a custom polyethylene box covered with carbon fiber-styled that can withstand lesser heat compared to the metal. Another exciting fact is that all necessary hardware is included.

S&B Air Intakes

S&B Air Intakes have the perfect combination of filtration and airflow and they can also be used in all the 50 states. They feature a closed airbox system that inhibits hot engine compartment air from discharging into the intake system. Also, the filter box comes with a clear lid for a distinct design and as applicable to other intake systems highlighted above, this one also features a bolt-on design and comes with all necessary hardware. S&B’s has a lifetime warranty that guarantees that you are purchasing a quality product.

AIRAID Air Intake Systems

AIRAID Intake Systems are amazing for someone looking for an inexpensive means of incorporating a high-performance air intake system into their vehicle. All AIRAID systems are legal in all the 50 states and come with all brackets and hardware required for installation. Every system features a reusable, new, high-flowing air filter and some even feature a heat shield and a new aluminum intake tube.