Latinas need to read about prenatal massage

April 18, 2018 By


I wish I could tell you that pregnancy for Latina women, and all other women for that matter, is a smooth trip from Point A to Point B. It would be nice if it all played out like clockwork. Your female partner would do certain things before she gets pregnant, then during her pregnancy, she does certain things. And after pregnancy, she comes out perfectly healthy. And sooner rather than later, her old body comes back. This is the fantasy most guys have.

Unfortunately, if you do not roll up your sleeves and become part of the equation, your wife, girlfriend or partner might take a long time before she gets her old body back. In fact, given everything that could wrong, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t get her old body back ever.

I don’t want to depress you, I definitely don’t want to discourage you, but I need to give you this dose of reality. You need to be part of the equation. It’s time to ditch the macho Latino mindset. Instead, participate in the pregnancy.

A lot of guys, and this goes beyond Latinos, think that pregnancy is pretty much a one person journey for females. After all, since they aren’t females how can they relate? Since they can’t relate biologically, how much of a help can they be? Maybe they might just make things worse, right? Well, this line of thinking is just a cop-out. Seriously. You’re just giving yourself excuse after excuse, in the form of questions, to ditch your responsibilities as a would be father and husband/partner.

How? Well, give your wife or girlfriend or partner a prenatal massage. This does not only condition her body for a smoother delivery, but this also provides a tremendous opportunity for you to bond as a couple.

When you give her a prenatal massage, you let her know, in no uncertain terms, how much she means to you. You are in her space. You demonstrate to her your love. You know, it’s one thing for guys to talk a big game about love. It’s one thing to do public displays of affection, but it’s another to actually sacrifice for your partner.

Make no mistake about it, a prenatal massage when done right is a sacrifice of time, focus, attention and energy. In other words, it’s real. It’s a substantial investment of your personal time. Your partner can’t help but sit up and pay attention. She can’t help but realize how much you mean to her. Make it count.

You have to remember that in most cases, the person giving the love is the person feeling the love. Feel the love by giving your partner a nice prenatal massage. Learn what you need to learn to get this going so you can give her a positive experience.