How to Setup Tracking Software on Your Laptop

October 3, 2018 By

Due to the frequent loss of Mac computers, Apple initiated the “Find My Mac” service to detect a lost or stolen Mac computer. Nevertheless, Microsoft failed to provide a related service such as for their PCs products — not even tablets powered by Windows 8. If you have a Windows PC and want to plan ahead in case the laptop become stolen or lost, you need to track your laptop by installing some third-party software. Lots of paid services come with this feature, but we only have a few good options.

The Basics

Most tracking features come with similar features. After the installation of the software on your device, you can link up your account with the service. If you misplaced your device or it got stolen, you visit the service’s website, input your account details, and it will show you the location of the device.

Always keep it in mind that it is generally easier to track a smartphone compared to a laptop. A smartphone will always have data network linked to it and might be in standby phase, so it can reveal the location of the device. Nevertheless, if a laptop does not have Wi-Fi connection or it is powered off, it is extremely difficult to report back to you. A tracking device can provide extra security measures should you ever misplaced your laptop, but the fact still remains that it is harder to detect the location of a lost laptop compared to a missing smartphone.

Installing Prey

Prey provides tracking software for a diverse range of devices including Mac, Windows and even Linux PCs. In addition, it also offers tracking apps for iOS and Android, so this service is versatile and support several devices.

Although this service has paid premium plans, but it offers a free basic tracking service. The free service helps you to have at most three devices connected to your account and can store around ten location reports for each device.

After the completion of the installation process, you will be shown a section for the creation of a new user account or to input the details of your existing user account.

After you have been logged in, Prey will start work immediately. Prey works in form of a Windows service when in the default state. If you are looking to configure it, go to the Configure Prey shortcut on the Prey folder. You will find it in the Start menu’s programs group.

If you want Prey to check any valuable information frequently or you want to receive reports in case you lose or misplaced your laptop, choose the Execution option, and modify the actions settings and reports frequency.

Tracking Your Lost Laptop

At this stage, visit the website of this software and input all the details used during the initial registration. It will show your computer as well as other linked devices.

In case your laptop got stolen or lost, click on its name as shown on the Prey control panel and adjust the slider settings from “OK” to “Missing.” Prey is only permitted to track your device when confirmed that it is lost. Endeavor to enable the Geo feature on the app. This feature uses the internal GPS hardware of your laptop or the details gotten from nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to detect its location.