Free Online Logo Maker – All You Need To Know

October 3, 2018 By

What makes a logo stand out? What is the best way to create the most remarkable logo for a product or brand? This essay will provide the answers to these questions and beyond. However, we understand that some of the people reading this article are interested in a free online logo maker to help in designing a logo for their businesses until it has grown to the extent that they can have an expert design one for it. Thus, the best logo design applications which help in providing cost-effective and sometimes free logo designs shall be discussed below.

The reason the design of a logo is important

The first point of contact for your business with the public is your logo. People tend to be willing to consider what services you are providing if they like your logo. A remarkable logo design demands a combination of; creative theory, skillful application, and design skills. Any designer who knows his or her job can design a good logo but the complete understanding of all areas of the art can be time-consuming. Creating a logo is just a minute aspect of branding, but the trademark or logo is usually at the center of many branding strategies.

The finest logo makers

An application for designing logos cannot design a remarkable logo – this is something you probably know already. Some people sometimes look out for a cheap and quick logo that is reflective of the startup until it has grown to the point where it requires complete branding by an expert agency or designer. The following are five logo design makers that are sophisticated, of good value and fast.


Canva is a complete, browser-based design app that also has great tools for designing a logo. Although this app does not have the design abilities of Adobe Creative Cloud, its variety of use of tools, inspirational learning assets, and simplicity make it an amazing way to create designs for your business or brand.


TailorBrands offers not just logo designing but also a complete branding package with the aid of its browser-based program. The tool is easy to use and does not have already designed logos. However, the app is powered by Artificial Intelligence to create a distinctive logo design for every user of the application. This goes for a fee which is minute when compared to engaging the services of an agency and beginning at $2.99 monthly for its Dynamic Logo package and coming up to $10.99 monthly for the complete Premium package.


Logoshi is a remarkably easy tool that slightly resembles web 1.0 but offers simple and neat designs at an affordable price. It offers transparent, cropped and square versions of your logo as soon as it is signed off and you can also get a vector and bitmap version of all your logos bundled into a cost.


Ucraft is most likely more regarded as an app for designing websites but you will find a remarkable logo maker among the browser-based web tools. It also goes for free! The designs created work with the main social media platforms such as; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch or even Pinterest and it can be downloaded in either an SVG or a PNG file format.