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Please fill out the form below to reach out to us. If the form is unavailable for whatever reason, check our email address and do reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. If you just want to share a particular experience being a Latino American or a Hispanic American in the United States or overseas, feel free.

There is no such thing as a right or wrong answer here. There is no such thing as an official or unofficial content. Every piece of content that we receive from our global distributed community is viewed with equal importance.

That’s how democratic this space is. We expect it from our staff, and we definitely expect this type of attitude from people who frequent this website. We understand that respect is earned, and this is why we ask everyone participating in this online platform to give the proper due respect to all Hispanic Americans participating in this website.

Now, from time to time, you might come across somebody who does not share your views. In fact, some of them might seem downright offensive. Please note that we foster an exchange of ideas, and the last thing that we would want is when people start believing that there is some sort of standard or official point of view. Please note that no such official orthodox view exists on this website.

Latino Americans are diverse and we want to preserve that diversity. This diversity doesn’t just extend to the specific countries you come from or your parents come from. This also extends to your religion, whether you believe or not, or your political point of view. The more diverse this website is in terms of the actual content output of its participants, the more faithful we think this website reflects the tremendous diversity of our community in the real world.

Also, on a technical level, we need your help. Help us to practice quality control on our website. This website has been generated dynamically as we get content from all participants.

As you can well imagine, a website that is made up of thousands of pages are sure to include certain pages that don’t link properly nor appear properly on certain browsers. Accordingly, if you come across any kind of problem, whether it’s a link that doesn’t work right or content that doesn’t render properly, do let us know so we can get to the bottom of it.

Also, if you hold certain views that you feel are not adequately represented here or get enough coverage, do speak up because we’d love to hear from you. There is no such thing as an offensive view. You can take that to the bank.

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Please note that we are not in the censorship business. If people have a problem with what you have to say, they have all the opportunity in the world to speak up and share their own particular perspective.

We truly believe that the best way to promote, foster and encourage free speech is to actually practice it. In other words, there are no topics that are off limits. There is no such thing as some sort of official opinion.

This is why we actively encourage all Hispanic Americans as well as Latin Americans, both based in the United States and elsewhere, to share their views, reviews of news, as well as commentary on current events. This also includes news regarding culture, sports, economic activities and all other topics.

Finally, if you are a part of a local Hispanic American community, we need you to share your resources. This may include blog posts as well as governmental and non-governmental resources. The more you share these resources, the more the community will be blessed because it’s only by sharing such material that the community can support each other and push each other to the next level of development, awareness and maturity.

By doing so, we hope to foster bonds with communities, regardless of the fact that there may be thousands of miles separating us. By keeping an open mind and encouraging people to act on the ideas and innovations they hear about in these pages, we look to push our collective as well as individual communities to the next level.