Choosing the Best Vlogging Camera for Youtube

October 3, 2018 By

Anyone that has a blog and wants to upload video will likely consider the video camera that is ideal to use at any point in time. The perfect choice for best vlogging camera for YouTube depends solely on the features and price range. Before you select your camera accessory in the market, I will advise that you peruse the list of essentials you are looking to get during the selection.

Things to Look for in a Vlogging Camera

There are loads of cameras for YouTube vlogging available on the marketplace. But how do you select the ideal camera suited for your vlogging purpose? How do we know whether a camera is good for vlogging?

Image Quality: I suggest that you go for a camera with maximum HD recording capabilities or the one with 1080p capacity, to enhance the professional appearance of your vlog. But if your vlog channel specializes in photography, science experiment, food, beauty and stylish, etc. that requires video quality, I recommend the 4K or “Ultra HD” cameras.

Low Light Performance: Most vloggers shoot their videos while inside a building especially in an area where the light is dimmed and requires professional lighting equipment. And at times, the sun might not shine brightly when you record videos outdoor.

Optical Image Stabilization: I am sure you will need to move around to enable you to carry out some activities and due to this, you need to get a camera that features Optical Image Stabilization. With this, you can produce superb and excellent video quality.

Audio: The fact is that if the sound is not audible, the viewers will be unable to hear your voice clearly and won’t spend substantial time on your creation. So, I suggest that you opt for a camera that features a high-performance type audio recording.

Flip Screen: Asides from maintaining fantastic video quality, it also makes your camera handy.

You don’t need to expend a huge amount of money to purchase a decent camera that will perform the job. There are numerous devices that come at a price lesser than $200 and perform the job quite well.

Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS

ELPH 350 HS is regarded as one of the best in terms of budget. So, as a blogger, you can get this device if you don’t have enough money on hand but you have to make sacrifices in terms of the light performance. However, professionals are of the opinion that the microphone is one of the best out there because it provides a rich audio signal recording. In addition, your image will be stable even if you are recording at inconvenient locations.


  • Equipped with optical image stabilization.
  • Front facing microphones.
  • Supports Wi-Fi.
  • Comes with 1080p recording capabilities.


  • Lightest camera unit available on the marketplace, only 147 grams.
  • Low price.


  • The low light performance needs to be improved.
  • Battery life is poor.
  • Flip screen and Autofocus issues not

Canon S120 Digital Video Camera

Canon S120 delivers faster performance coupled with 1080p recording capacity at 60fps and can even capture at 12MP. Users can also adjust the ISO settings, metering pattern, drive mode, self-timer, and white balance.


  • Large image sensor and sharp lenses.
  • Supports Wi-Fi.
  • Features Raw data support.
  • Features 1080p video recording at 60fps.


  • Supports Easy file sharing.
  • Easy control over settings.


  • Zooming will lead to the constricted
  • Costly option.
  • Does not come with EVF option.