Choosing the Best Home Weather Station

October 3, 2018 By

The fact is that many people do not know that they need the home weather stations until they eventually get one. Although their popularity soared in recent times, these equipment have been around since ages – at least one company has been manufacturing the home weather station since a very long time, and that’s Davis Instruments.

Things have undergone several revolutions. Within the last few years, new companies have started to come up thereby reducing the cost of ownership to the barest minimum to enable the regular consumer as well as the weather enthusiast to easily afford it. But just like the best weather apps for iOS and Android, not all weather stations have the same features, and another important feature to consider is accuracy.

We have been able to test the various weather stations and find the best out of the rest. In this article, we will talk about some of the top weather stations that are available in the marketplace.

Ambient Weather Ws-2902 Osprey

Many people don’t believe the claims of Ambient Weather which stated that they can rival the accuracy of Davis Instrument’s Vantage series despite its diverse range of connectivity options that is superior to any station on the market.

For the most part, these claims were valid.  In our tests, the WS-2902’s accessory performed exceptionally well, except for the barometric pressure sensor – which requires regular recalibration. Usually, these features would have been enough to propel David’s Vantage Vue to the top spot, however, Ambient Weather made us have a change of mind due to its connectivity preferences.

Although the Osprey does not come with its customized app – something we hope that this brand will address in the future – It has the capability to connect to your Google Assistant, IFTTT and even Amazon Echo. With IFTTT, your WS-2902 can be used to intelligently control your smart equipment, for instance switching off your Rachio sprinklers when it is raining or switching on the lights in your day during the dark season. It uses measurements and at the same time gets its data from its solar radiation sensor.

But asides this, you can also connect it to Weathercloud or Weather Underground, or utilize the Ambient Weather’s API to create your own applications.

Davis Vantage Vue

Davis instruments come top among other personal weather station market due to its staying power and according to reports, they sold their first digital weather stations in the 1990s. But their greatest shortcoming has always been the price.

Enter the Vantage Vue. Davis brand attempted to reduce the price of their weather station to compete favorably with newer stations while also keeping the accuracy and reliability intact. Although the Vantage Vue comes at a higher price rate, it has an unrivaled accuracy. All sensors are incorporated into a 5-in-1 unit, which measures speed, wind direction, rainfall, humidity, and temperature.

Although all-in-one sensor units have its own shortcomings – you will need to make a decision whether accurate temperature readings are more important than speed readings and vice versa – our testers rated reliability and accuracy very high.

The station is yet to develop any fault through a full six months of undergoing the intense test and also require little or no maintenance. One area where we confronted challenges, however, was its connectivity.