Best Watering Timers Reviews

October 3, 2018 By

Many of us will enjoy the view of a beautiful garden. The true fact is that gardens have already become part of our life and it cannot be changed. Whether you have a large area of land that you have divided into different sections to plant vegetables and flowers, or a smaller patch to hang baskets – you need to put in lots of work and effort, but it can turn out to be enjoyable and therapeutic. However, you need a little more of assistance to keep things moving in the right direction, especially during dry season, where regular watering is required. That is why, due to the hot season, we will talk more about the best watering timers.

Kingfisher Electronic Water Timer

The irrigation is designed to carry out an easy task, so I will advise that you opt for an appliance that is inexpensive, efficient and easy to use. Sometimes, you discover items such as these to be a little bit tricky, but actually, simplicity should be the important feature to look out for. So, it is important to opt for the accessory that is simple to use. This model is designed by Kingfisher – a brand with numerous varieties of garden tools – is neat and simple, and also comes with simple technology.

In addition, it can be programmed easily and has loads of simple to understand dials, and with this device, you can set up to 24 cycles for the rest of the day to enable you to have a comprehensive irrigation. It also features an in-line filter to enhance its efficiency, and it works well with all conventional hose fittings to enable you to connect it to your irrigation system or hose unit. If you are looking to get a water timer as a beginner, I recommend this appliance. It comes within the price range of  £15, and it gives you the maximum value for your money.

Hozelock Simple Water Timer

As highlighted above, simplicity is a major factor to consider when shopping for these sorts of appliances, so in view of this, we like the fact that ‘Simple’ is in this title because we don’t have any model that is as simple to use as this. However, that doesn’t imply that this particular model doesn’t have its own shortcomings, as it is limited in some ways. Let us discuss the merits first: It is incredibly easy to use – you link it to your outdoor trap and then connect a hose. You can then set the timer, and it is equipped with 13 simple to use pre-designed programs.

The main downside is that, though the one highlighted above can offer up to  24 cycles, this one only has the capability to water your plants up to four rounds in a day. Granted, this should be enough for anyone with a small area of land during the regular season, but when things go awry, you are expected to water your precious plants for the entire day. Having considered that, at a price range of £20, this one would be ideal for someone who really desires an appliance equipped with the digital feature. And I assure that you will get the full value for your money by opting for this. Nevertheless, I suggest that you follow these guidelines appropriately to make an educated choice.