Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine Reviews

October 3, 2018 By

Coverstitch sewing devices are used to create a quality hem to clothing materials and evenly apply trims to balanced seams. They are handy tools for people who like to design clothes from knit fabrics. Also, they are handy for people who need to create seams that have the capability to retain some stretch, read this article for more information. The coverstitch sewing device can work with at most three needles attached to the top and also a thread looper attached below that interconnect the thread via the stitches to create a double-locking chain.

Sewing operation is done from the top layer of the material with the edge of the fabric remaining underneath and it forms a single straight stitch that is mounted at the top layer and a chain stitch mounted above the raw edge. I compiled a list of the top coverstitch sewing machine and I chose several brands and varieties of machines for this review to enable us to analyze a variety of options in cost and feature.

How to Select the Coverstitch Machine That Is Suitable for You

The first factor to consider when comparing these varieties of models is the features that are similar to all of them. Each device features differential feed which allows you to alter the settings for the quantity of material fed through the machine. The adjustment of the knob will hinder any “tunneling” that can happen between stitches or attach light gathering into garments where it is required. Both the Janome and Brother machines can be used with at most three needles. In addition, Juki takes stitching to an exceptional new level. The combination of coverstitch and serger features enhances the versatility.

Many individuals disagree about the benefits of combining the functions of a coverstitch with those of a serger sewing machine. Many often find it difficult to stitch the thread and at the same time switch to another function. The Juki MO-735 also falls in the line but once the technique is mastered, it fast-track the process.

Another drawback of the Juki MO-735 is that the instruction guide is difficult to understand. Fortunately, the videos on YouTube are instructional thereby making it easier to thread the device and use various stitches.

The Issue with Overlock/Serger Machines     

After overlock devices or sergers were introduced into the marketplace, one of the major drawbacks of the machine was the threading system. A single mistake can cause a catastrophic effect resulting in poor stitch quality. Asides from the problems highlighted in the threading guide, poor stitching arises from inaccurate tension settings.

Although a coverstitch sewing machine has features similar to the serger, there have been lots of technological innovations since the original models. They also have a disparity in that the coverstitch device creates a coverstitch underneath the fabric and it doesn’t pierce through the material as the seam is sewn. In this review, the Juki MO-735 is the only device that allows you to select between the coverstitch and overlock functions.