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Letter from the Teacher:

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again, new classroom, new teacher, maybe a new school, and tons of butterflies. As a teacher, I share the same feelings preparing for a new school year and a new school. Here are some tips for a great successful year for you, your child, and the teacher.

Communication in any relationship is an important factor for a relationship to be positive and productive. Please respond to the teacher’s notes about your child’s behavior or academic progress. Teachers love it when parents are very communicative in regards to the student’s academic progress and behavior. Your input is needed to prevent, or correct a situation that could affect your child’s learning. Feel free to ask the teacher questions about what your child is or going to be learning. Also, talk to your child about what they are learning.

A Parents role in Education:
Many parents do not realize that they have the greatest impact on their child’s education. Work with your child at home on homework, or at lest ask about what they are studying. Make games out of geography when you take a trip or ask them for help with math problems, or money (makes real world connection).
If you have a young child or a student struggling in reading, read to them everyday. Read to them at night for 20 minutes, such as a book, the newspaper. At the store, ask what in the cart starts with a particular letter or sound, or ask them to find the item you are wanting to purchase (Where do I find the….?). You can also practice alphabetization, phonics (letter sounds and families like cat, hat, bat, etc.). These are easy lessons you can do with your child, which they will have fun doing.

Teachers and schools are always in need of parent (grandparent) volunteers. Whether you volunteer in a classroom or a fundraiser, your aide can make a difference. Volunteering will make you apart of not only your child’s learning but that of the community. Activities can be as little as making copies, reading to a class a few days a week, or manning the fundraising table at the basketball game. Call your local school district on their policy for volunteers.

Always praise your child for the smallest of accomplishments. Encourage them everyday to do their best and tell them that they can do what they put their mind too.

Good luck to all the students, parents and teachers. Have a great year!

Mrs. Roberta M. Madrid
1st Grade Teacher







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