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Colorado Springs School District School Year Information

Starting Date: School bells ring for the first day of the 2007-08 school year in School District 11 on Thursday, August 16, 2007. Elementary school pupils, including kindergartners who pre-registered in the spring, report at their school's regular starting time on Thursday, August 16, 2007. Start times vary from building to building within the district because of bus routes, etc. August 16 will be a full school day, and lunch will be served. Kindergarten and elementary pupils new to District 11 or transferring from another school within District 11 may register at the school they will attend.

Age Requirements: Children must be five years of age on or before October 1 to enroll in kindergarten and six years of age by the same date to enroll in grade one unless previous public school kindergarten attendance can be verified

Peterson Air Force Base: All Peterson Air Force Base students, grades K-5, will attend McAuliffe Elementary, 830 Hathaway Drive. Students in grades 6-8 may attend Emerson/Edison Charter School, 4220 East Pikes Peak Avenue, or Russell Middle School, 3825 E. Montebello Drive. Students in grades 9-12 attend Mitchell High School, 1205 Potter Drive. Students may be registered at the schools, which will be open for regular business on Wednesday, Auguat 1, 2007.

Enrollment Information: All pupils enrolling in a District 11 school for the first time will be required to submit birth certificates, Social Security numbers, up-to-date immunization records and proof of residency at the time of enrollment.

Required Immunizations: The School Immunization Law requires that all students enrolling in a District 11 school for the first time present an immunization record or they will not be permitted to attend. If the shot record is not up to date, the student has 14 days to get the required immunizations. In addition, if more than one set of shots is needed, the parent must also sign an immunization plan in order for the student to attend school. In 2007, Colorado state law requires that students entering sixth and 10th grades in August 2007 must have a NEW immunization/shot prior to the start of school – TdaP (Tetanus/Diphteria/Acellular Pertussis).

Parents may sign an exemption based on religious, medical or personal reasons.
School Meal Programs: Cafeteria services for schools with school meal programs will begin on the first regularly scheduled full day of classes – Thursday, August 16, 2007.

Roosevelt-Edison Charter School, Emerson-Edison Academy Charter School and 21st Century Charter School meal programs will begin when their 2007-2008 school year resumes. The cost of a full hot lunch, including milk, is $1.85 for elementary and $2.00 for middle and high school students. A la carte service is also available at all middle and high schools. Adult lunches (for staff and visitors) in elementary and secondary schools will be $2.55, including beverage. Households are required by USDA federal guidelines to fill out new meal benefits applications each school year.
Free and reduced price meal applications will be mailed to households in the district the first part of August. Only one application per household should be turned in.

Families are encouraged to pre-pay for student meals.

Buses: Bus service for all schools eligible for district-furnished transportation will begin on Thursday, August 16, 2007, unless requested otherwise by an individual school
Athletic Fees: The District 11 Board of Education has established a $65 participation fee for all athletes at the high school level and a $40 participation fee for middle school athletes.

Adult Education Programs: Adult and Family Education general program information may be obtained by calling 328-2976 or faxing 578-8757. For program-specific information, please call GED information at 667-3793 or 667-3831, GED testing information at 328-5036, Adult Basic Education/Adult Secondary Education information at 667-3793 or 667-3831, Adult English Language classes at 328-2975, and Family Literacy information at 328-2977 or 328-2928.

Community Education: Community Education classess are available in many District 11 schools. More information and current class schedules are available from the Office of Community Education and Rentals at 520-2384 or http://www.d11.org/CommunityEd/.

Full-day Kindergarten: All District 11 schools offer free full-day kindergarten. Half-day kindergarten is offered at two District 11 schools: Rudy and Trailblazer elementary schools. Families interested in half-day kindergarten must contact one of those schools for a permit to attend and must provide their own transportation.

Community Partnership for Child Development: This agency offers preschool, family literacy and Head Start programs and is available at Adams, Audubon, Carver, Ivywild, Longfellow, Midland, Pike, Queen Palmer, Twain and Wilson. Parents should call 635-1536 for information.

PreschoolSchool: District 11 offers a preschool program in conjunction with Community Partnership for Child Development in 31 schools and seven community agencies

Community Preschool Sites: Community preschool is available at: Colorado Springs Child Nursery - Antlers, Colorado Springs Child Nursery - Rio Grande, Junior Academy ABC, Junior Academy Small Wonders, Junior Academy Preschool LTD, and the Urban League Child Care Center.

Tesla Early Learning Center: A child care program is offered at Tesla Center for teen parents who wish to continue their education. Any child under the age of three may be eligible for enrollment if his/her parent is a student anywhere in District 11. For information, call 520-2538.

Day Care: Before- and after-school day care is available at Different elementary schools.

Uniforms: The following District 11 schools require uniforms: Hunt, Ivywild, Midland, Queen Palmer and Roosevelt-Edison elementary schools and Emerson-Edison Academy middle school. Please call each school for details.

School Calendar 2007-2008

Classes begin August 16, 2007
Winter break is December 24, 2007, through January 4, 2008
Students return to school on January 7, 2008
Spring break is March 24-28, 2008
Districtwide kindergarten registration is April 25, 2008
Classes end May 22, 2008
Additional snow days if needed are May 23, 27, 28, 2008


Adams Elementary
Audubon Elementary
Bates Elementary
Bristol Elementary

Buena Vista Elementary
Carver Elementary
Chipeta Elementary
Edison Elementary
Freedom Elementary
Fremont Elementary
Grant Elementary
Henry Elementary
Howbert Elementary
Hunt Elementary
Ivywild Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Keller Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Madison Elementary
Martinez Elementary
McAuliffe Elementary School
Midland International
Monroe Elementary
Penrose Elementary
Pike Elementary
Queen Palmer Elementary Rogers Rogers Elementary
Rudy Elementary
Scott Elementary
Steele Elementary
Stratton Elementary
Taylor Elementary
Trailblazer Elementary
Twain Elementary
Washington Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Wilson Elementary


East Middle School
Holmes Middle School
Irving Middle School
Jenkins Middle School
Mann Middle School
North Middle School
Russell Middle School
Sabin Middle School
West Middle School


Coronado High School
Doherty High School
Mitchell High School
Palmer High School
Wasson High School


Adult & Family Education Center
917 E. Moreno Avenue, 80903
Adult and Family Education
Pikes Peak Work Force Center
The Bijou School
Digital Store Front School District 11
Doherty Night School “Success First”
Palmer Night School
Tesla Educational Opportunity Center


CIVA Charter High School (grades 9-12)
Randy Zimmerman
Community Prep School (grades 9-12)
Emerson-Edison Academy (grades 6-9)
GLOBE Charter School (grades K-9)
Roosevelt-Edison Charter School (grades K-5)
Life Skills Center of Colorado Springs (grades 9-12)
STAR (Space, Technology and Arts) Academy (K-5)







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