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SHARE Colorado, a nonprofit organization, is a monthly food distributor that offers grocery packages at up to half the retail price to everyone. For more information on sign up dates to order packages and for locations in your neighborhood please call 1 (800) 933-7427 or check it out on the web at <www.sharecolorado.com>

You can now even order online in the comfort of your own home. Every month we have a regular package for $20 that contains frozen meats, fresh produce and one or two staple items. We also, every month, have a $15 produce package that has in it about 17-22 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is always a special package which changes each month plus individual items that we call choice since you can choose 1 or a dozen of any items listed. There is no limit to how many packages or combination of packages that you can order, so most families order enough to last for the month.

What is SHARE?
The goal of SHARE is to help families save up to 50% on their groceries, while helping others in their community. A Purchase With a Purpose!

How does SHARE achieve this?
We select about twenty items that you’re most likely to buy at the grocery store, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats. Then through a national affiliate network, we purchase massive quantities of these items at very low prices. At no time do we ever accept donated food for distribution. Then through a network of volunteers at our warehouse and distribution centers known as “host sites”, we deliver the food to these host sites where you pick up your order.

As a non-profit organization, SHARE relies heavily on volunteers and passes on the huge savings by our reduced expense. Unlike a traditional grocery store, we don’t maintain inventories, expensive stores, large employee bases, etc. We rely primarily on word of mouth advertising. Plus we’re in it for you, not for the organizations profits.

Purchase with a purpose? How?
"There is a reason people describe SHARE as a purchase with a purpose," said Dann Aungst, managing director. "When people buy food through SHARE they not only save money on quality food but their money automatically helps others who truly need the assistance. A portion of the participants food purchase goes back into Catholic Charities programs as well as the outreach ministries at individual SHARE sites. Last year alone, it helped community food banks, homeless missions, emergency assistance centers and local non-profit organizations save an estimated $672,000 in food expenses."

Who can participate?
Any one from the affluent to those with struggling budgets. You see, even those who can afford to spend more for food are being good stewards with their money by simply being more frugal. What’s more, the minimal profits in each share of food sold go to support this program and also to programs to help people in your community. And if you’re really not interested in participating for whatever reason, we do take donations and the donation for what we call a “sponsored share”. That means your donation goes to buy food for a neighbor in your community that needs help.

How do I participate?
Look in our SHARE paper and find your zip code, or one close to it. Find a host site location in or around your zip code area. You can go to that host site during the listed registration times to place and pay for your order. If you’ve missed the registration times listed, call the numbers for the host site and see if they have another time. If not, you can always call the SHARE main offices for help in signing up over the phone or just information. Our number is (303) 428-0400, or (800) 933-7427. Then go back to that host site to pick up your order on distribution day during the sites designated distribution time.

(These days are listed in the paper). The paper can be found in all the libraries in the greater Colorado Springs area, otherwise call the 800 number and one will be mailed to you. Otherwise, you receive a new SHARE paper on each distribution day showing you a preview of the next month's selections.







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