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Pueblo School District 60

Pueblo School District 60
315 W. 11th Street 81003

Boundaries: Primarily Pueblo city limits.

Pueblo School District 60 primarily serves the youth within the city of Pueblo. There are approximately 17,500 students served by 37 schools: 22 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 5 high schools and 4 charter schools. The profile of the student body reflects 63% minority students and 63% of the students qualifying for free and reduced lunch programs.

We are teachers, support personnel, administrators, school board members, parents and community members concerned about improving student learning. Our goals are to: improve student achievement for ALL students; improve teacher effectiveness; promote continuous professional development and build leadership effectiveness. And collectively we have built an impressive track record.

Pueblo School District 60 has been recognized repeatedly by President Bush, U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, Lynn Cheney and Governor Owens for our success in closing the ‘achievement gap’ for minority and lower-economic students. In the March 2004 issue of U.S. News and World Report, which focused on public education progress on the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, District 60 and Beulah Heights Elementary School were featured as “Schools of Excellence’ in reporting how certain Title 1 schools are making a difference for students.

Baca Elementary was recently recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School by President Bush while Sunset Park received the John Irwin School of Excellence and Irving and Fountain Elementary schools were awarded the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award. In recent years Carlile and South Park Elementary schools were the recipient of the Regional Title 1 Distinguished School while Beulah Heights and Bessemer Elementary schools won the prestigious National Distinguished Title 1 School award. Individual staff achievement has also been recognized with 3 District 60 principals receiving high honors as Colorado Principals of the Year: in 2004 Alan Nelms as principal at Heaton Middle School and in 2003 Dr. Kathy DeNiro as principal for Corwin Middle School and Dr. Keith Owen as principal at Beulah Heights Elementary.

In 2003 Superintendent Dr. Joyce Bales and Dr. Keith Owen were one of only eight districts and schools invited by President Bush to the White House for the anniversary of the No Child Left Behind legislation. In fact, U.S. Secretary of Education Paige has stated “School officials can look to Pueblo and District 60 Superintendent Joyce Bales to see how to improve student achievement.” In a report by the National Education Trust, 20 schools in Colorado were identified as being high performing while having high minority and high poverty student populations – 6 of those 20 schools were in District 60! In the most recent state assessment testing (CSAP) District 60 has shown an overall Hispanic gain of 61% in students scoring ‘proficient and above’ compared to other students whose scores averaged a 32% increase.

District 60 Hispanic students show a gain of 45% over other Hispanic students in Colorado. Five of the seven D60 schools that exceeded the state average on all CSAP tests had 50% or more students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Two schools exceeded the state average on all 19 tests taken and they are both Title 1 schools: Cesar Chavez Academy and Goodnight School. Title 1 schools have made an astonishing 319% increase in 4th grade writing over 9 years and a 111% increase in 4th grade writing over 9 years – these are the two tests given over the longest period of time.

This significant student improvement has engendered a sense of trust in the District which has resulted in the single largest investment to support the youth of Pueblo – a $98 million bond program to improve the District’s aging school facilities. The bond program is nearing the half way point and is on track both financially and regarding timeline.


First Day Of School:
August 29, 2005

School Holidays:
September 5 – Labor Day
October 10 – Columbus Day
November 23 – 25 – Thanksgiving
December 19 – 30 – Winter Vacation
February 20 – Presidents Day
March 20 – 24 – Spring Vacation
May 29 – Labor Day

STAFF DAYS/STAFF DEVELOPMENT (school not in session):
January 2, May 17

Last Day Of School:
June 1, 2006

Approved Class Size:
Kindergarten – 20:1
Grades 1 – 8 – 24:1
Grades 9-12 – 25:1

English As A Second Language (ESL):
An English Language Acquisition program is offered for students who speak English as a second language. For information on K-12 ESL programs, contact Rhonda Holcomb at 253-6027.

Choice Process:
Students who wish to attend a school other than their neighborhood school may do so if space is available. Parents must be willing to provide transportation for that student.

Transportation Policy:
Busing is provided for elementary students who live more than 1 straight mile from their neighborhood school, middle school students who live more than 1 _ straight miles from their neighborhood school, and high school students who live more than 2 straight miles from their neighborhood school. For information, contact the Transportation Center at 719-549-7216.

Special Needs Students:
Most students with special needs attend their neighborhood schools and are enrolled in typical classes for most of the day. In the event the students’ needs cannot be accommodated at their home school, they will attend the school closest to the area in which they reside and transportation will be provided. Various specialists are available to provide necessary related services if deemed appropriate. Parents of students with special needs should first contact their neighborhood school. For general information on available services call (719) 253-6025 or (719) 549-7697.

Gifted & Talented:
All gifted and talented students in Pueblo District 60 are identified by their strength areas. Educational programming is designed and implemented to match their identified needs, utilizing the Individual Gifted & Talented Plan (IGTP) process. Programs vary by site. Each school in Pueblo District 60 offers, but is not limited to, the following programming options: clustering, advanced/accelerated courses, curriculum compacting, guided independent study, and enrichment. The identification process begins in kindergarten with the opportunity for identification to continue through grade 12. For more information on services for gifted & talented students, call 549-7147.

Breakfast/Lunch Program:
The full cost for school lunch is $1.00 for elementary students and $1.25 for middle and high school students. Reduced-price lunch costs are .50 cents for elementary students and .75 cents for middle and high school students. Cost of milk or juice is .25 cents. Breakfast programs are available at all district schools. Breakfast prices are .50 cents for elementary students and .75 for middle and high school students. Students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals may receive breakfast at zero cost. Free and reduced-price meals are offered to families who meet certain income guidelines. Applications are available at each school.

Preschool Program:
The District 60 Preschool Program provides a quality preschool experience for children 3 – 5 years of age who face educational challenges due to family, economic or developmental concerns. Young children who are in need of language development are at risk for school failure unless they can receive support from early childhood education programs. There are preschools located at each elementary school but parents must apply to the Preschool Program at 253-6016 and understand that spaces are limited.

Child Care:
Child day care is available via a partnership with the Pueblo YWCA on a preferred basis for District 60 students and District 60 staff and if space is available for members of the public. A sliding fee scale is charged. The child care is provided at the Keating Infant and Toddler Center at 215 Orman or by calling 253-6176.

Athletics Information:
Contact your school for forms and practice schedules. For district information, you may contact the District 60 Athletics Director, Kevin Romero at 719-549-7194. You may also access information on the District 60 web site.

New students, including preschool and kindergartners, need to provide a birth certificate (original or certified copy), immunization record, Social Security card, two names and telephone numbers for emergency contacts and doctor and dentist numbers if available. If applicable, the student also needs to provide the name and address of previous school attended, guardianship paperwork and, if the student is married, a marriage certificate. Registration times and dates vary by school. All registration activities take place at the school.

Elementary Schools

Baca Elementary School
2800 E. 17th St. 81001

Belmont Elementary School
31 MacNaughton Rd.81001

Bessemer Academy
1125 E. Routt Ave. 81004

Beulah Heights Elementary School
2670 Delphinium Street 81005

Bradford Elementary School
107 S. LaCrosse Ave.81001

Carlile Elementary School
736 W. Evans Ave. 81004

Columbian Elementary School
1202 Bragdon Ave.81004

Fountain Elementary School
925 N. Glendale Ave. 81001

Franklin Elementary School
1315 Horseshoe Dr. 81001

Goodnight Elementary School
624 Windy Way 81005

Haaff Elementary School
15 Chinook Lane 81001

Hellbeck Elementary School
3000 Lakeview Ave. 81005

Heritage Elementary School
625 Brown Ave.81004

Highland Park Elementary School
2701 Vinewood Lane 81005

Irving Elementary School
1629 W. 21st St. 81003

Minnequa Elementary School
1708 E. Orman Ave. 81004

Morton Elementary School
1900 W. 31st Street 81008

Park View Elementary School
1327 E. 9th St. 81001

Somerlid Elementary School
2717 West Street 81003

South Park Elementary School
3100 Hollywood Dr. 81005

Spann Elementary School
2300 E. 10th Street 81001

Sunset Park Elementary School
110 University Circle 81005

Middle Schools

Corwin Middle School
1500 Lakeview Ave. 81004

Freed Middle School
715 W. 20th St. 81003

Heaton Middle School
6 Adair Rd. 81001

Pitts Middle School
29 Lehigh Ave. 81005

Risley Middle School
625 Monument Ave. 81001

Roncalli Middle School
4202 Highway 78 81005

High Schools

Centennial High School
2525 Mountview Dr.81008

Central High School
216 E. Orman Ave.

East High School
9 MacNeil Rd. 81001

South High School
1801 Hollywood Dr.81005

Charter Schools

Cesar Chavez Academy
2500 W. 18th St. 81003

Pueblo School For Arts & Sciences
1745 Acero Ave. 81005

Youth And Family Academy
215 E. Orman Ave 81004.

Alternative Schools

Keating Education Center
215 E. Orman Ave. 81004







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