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New Charter Public High School, Life Skills Center Of Colorado Springs, Begins Enrolling Students

Community-based charter school enables students to complete high school
and earn a full high school diploma while fulfilling their family and work obligations

Life Skills Center of Colorado Springs today announced the opening of a new charter high school designed to serve up to 300 students. The new tuition-free school is now pre-enrolling students, and classes are scheduled to start in September. The Life Skills Center of Colorado Springs’ temporary enrollment office is located at 412 South Tejon St., (719) 471-0684. When the new school’s construction is complete in September, the Life Skills Center of Colorado Springs will be located at 1810 Eastlake Blvd., just east of South Union Blvd. To learn more about Life Skills Centers, visit us on the web at www.lifeskillscenters.com.

The Life Skills Center of Colorado Springs is authorized and funded through Colorado Springs School District 11. The non-profit Life Skills Center Board has selected White Hat Management, LLC, one of the nation’s premier education service providers, to operate the school. White Hat has extensive experience managing schools that offer communities, parents, and students a high-quality, tuition-free alternative to traditional public schools. Colorado Springs School District 11 supports the Life Skills Center, recognizing that a significant number of young people in the community could benefit from such a program.

“We are very excited about the opening of the Life Skills Center of Colorado Springs,” said Mark Thimmig, CEO and president of White Hat Ventures LLC, parent company of the privately operated White Hat Management, LLC. “Life Skills is a unique, proven program reaching thousands of dropout students across the country each year. Life Skills Center graduates possess not only a high school diploma, but also valuable work experience, life skills, and the motivation to pursue their dreams.”

“Life Skills has a strong, community-centered Board, which is dedicated to success for our students, our community, and finally the economic vitality of the region,” said José Aponte, Member of the nonprofit School Board of Life Skills Center of Colorado Springs, and Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Library District. “Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed grow, and develop to their fullest potential. We believe Life Skills has the proven capacity to deliver on that promise.”

The Life Skills Center is a public community school specifically designed to accommodate students ages 16 to 21 who have had difficulty with the rigid routine of traditional public high schools. The school is intended to assist students who have dropped out from a traditional high school program. Graduates earn state-recognized high school diplomas—not GEDs—that are fully recognized by colleges, universities, employers, and the U.S. military.

Life Skills Center students have many of the same state graduation requirements as other Colorado Springs Public School students; however, at a Life Skills Center, students are given the flexibility of selecting one of several different schedules to achieve the requisite educational credits and testing accomplishments so that a student may also fulfill his or her family and work obligations at the same time. The three possible classes, which are computer-based and teacher-supported, Monday through Friday, 46 weeks per year, include 8 a.m. to noon; 10:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.; and 1:30 to 5:30. As demand warrants, a fourth session in the evening may be added.

“Under the direction of our local administrator in Colorado Springs, our staff will deliver a mix of academics, life skills, and career preparation,” Thimmig said. “Students are treated as individuals, who work at their own pace and level to accomplish their goals.

“One of the hallmarks of the Life Skills program is that it is carefully aligned with the needs of students and the local community. Our Board Members are committed to assisting young people who need to complete their high school diploma. We carefully select our staff from the community to attract people who share our vision for operating first-rate community-based charter schools of choice. Life Skills Centers are located along major lines of public transportation, and offer flexible class times to enable students to pursue their education while fulfilling their work and family responsibilities.”

As of December 2003, approximately 3,600 students have received their high school diplomas from Life Skills Centers currently operated by White Hat Management. Many graduates go on to college, trade school, military service, or into a career where their earning potential is significantly greater than before.

About White Hat Management
The privately operated White Hat Management, founded in 1998 by Akron, Ohio industrialist and education activist David Brennan, is among the premier full-service education service providers in the United States dedicated to educating K-12 students. The company is the largest charter school operator in Ohio. White Hat operates 35 schools, with three distinct educational offerings: Life Skills Centers; HOPE Academies, which are community-based charter public schools for kindergarten through tenth grade; DELA Academy, which provides distance education to students in their homes in Ohio and Pennsylvania. White Hat currently employs more than 1,400 people, including nearly 1,300 teachers, staff and administrators in the schools it operates. For more information, visit www.whitehatmgmt.com.







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