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The Greatest Show On Earth!

The 132nd Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Returns to Colorado Springs At a Brand New Time of Year!

As American as apple pie, the All New uncut, unedited and unbelievable 132nd Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey~ will be performing at the World Arena in Colorado Springs October 2, 2002. Making your wildest dreams come true for 132 years, The Greatest Show On Earth® encourages Children of All Ages to get crazy in this masterful display of extreme daredevilry and heart-stopping spectacle.

The commanding center of The Greatest Show On Earth, 34th Ringmaster Kevin Venardos expertly elocutes with his dazzling, distinctive voice. Inspiring and energetic, vibrant Venardos guides Children of All Ages through a limitless journey of adventure. The incomparably amusing David Larible, The Prince of Laughter, takes center ring with his mime, juggling, dancing and comedy-all in one unusually lovable package. Larible lures you into his mischievous, fun-filled world of hilarity. In a gripping display of triple strength, the 132nd Edition's bold and beautiful--Sara, The Tiger Whisperers, Circus Siren Sylvia Zerbini and The Empress of Equilibrium Méi Ling, make the three rings rumble. Never before has The Greatest Show On Earth featured so many women headliners in such dramatically divergent displays of derring-do. The courageous T.M. The Gator Guy amazes your mind with the breathtakingly daring feats of his beloved pythons and alligators. Crazy Wilson exudes pure bravado on the Whirling Wheel of Death as he somersaults back and forth and leaps in and out of the Wheel's slick perimeter. All this, plus side-splitting hilarity from the world famous Ringling Bros. Clown Alley.

Audiences are invited to the Ringling Bros. Animal Open House an hour and a half before each performance begins at the World Arena on October 2, 2002. Everyone with a ticket can get a behind-the-scenes look at where the Ringling Bros. animals live. Meet our amazing animal performers as you stand feet away from awe-inspiring Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, zebras, camels and other exotic animals. Listen to the roar of a resting tiger, watch the elephants eat and play, marvel at the camels' humps and observe the interaction of our animal performers and their caregivers. As you tour the Animal Open House, you will learn fascinating facts about Ringling Bros. animals.

Once you leave the Animal Open House, be sure to join the fun on the arena floor at the Three Ring Adventure®. The Three Ring Adventure is your chance to congregate with clowns, ponder prodigious pachyderms in close proximity, get jiggy with a group of jugglers, encounter elegant equestrians, try on a costume, ask questions of our wonderful performers, collect autographs and more. This interactive experience begins one hour prior to show time and is free with your ticket to The Greatest Show On Earth®.

Tickets to the 132nd Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, which include The Three Ring Adventure and Animal Open House at no additional cost, start at $12.75 and are available at the World Arena Box Office, and all TicketsWest outlets, including Independent Records, Citadel Mall, King Soopers, and the Pueblo Convention Center or call (716) 576-2626. For group sales call (719) 477-2116.

Founded in 1871, Ringling Bros. and Barnum ® Bailey is America's oldest entertainment attraction and the longest running hit in show business history. Produced by Feld Entertainment, Inc., the 132nd Edition of The Greatest Show On Earth will travel from coast to coast on the world's largest privately owned train (stretching one mile long and consisting of 53 cars), visiting approximately 90 cities and entertaining more than 11 million children of all ages on its two-year tour.






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