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Medina's make Legends Racing a Family Affair

Legends race cars are a 5/8 scaled down version of the 1934's-1940's Coupes/Sedans powered by 1200cc Yamaha motorcycle engines.

The Medina's got their start in racing 4 years ago after seeing a Legends race from Charlotte, NC on television. They hit the track for about 35 races every year from east coast to west coast. The younger Medina's (Anthony and cousin Danny) continue to have success, both earned the prestigious "Rookie of the Year" award in their first year of racing in Colorado. Anthony is a two-time defending Semi-Pro Inex State Legends Series Champion. Last year he moved up to the Pro Division - earning him the Championship at Dodge City, KS in the Legends Division. Danny has been the Pro-Division Champion the past three years in a row. Starting dead last is something that doesn't faze him.The challenge of working through a 32-car field, and going through traffic pretty quick, earned him a come-from-behind win. Danny and Anthony have dominated the racing circuit for the past 4 y ears, impressively winning over 50 Feature Main Event Wins, also winning numerous Trophy Dashes and heat races. Anthony and Danny's goals are to move up to the Late Model Class Division!!!

Anthony and Danny fathers' Ralph and George also race Legends cars. Ralph and George used to race super-modifieds in the late 70 s, they were the Englewood Racing Association "Rookies of the year" in 1977, driving as a team!

Championship seasons take dedication from everyone involved. Special thanks goes to "Head Crew Chief. Richard Medina" for all the hard work and dedication he gives every week. Kudos Also, to our entire race team, crew members, family members and friends for their support. The Medinas also like to give a special thanks to their primary sponsor "3 Margaritas Family Mexican Restaurant". They greatly appreciate the assistance and want you to know that your support has enabled us to absorb the cost of what it takes to keep up the maintenance on racing cars, enabling this team to be as competitive as possible. So this summer if you see the Medinas headed North or South, you know there is racing involved.






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