Hispanianews is a user generated website. This website would not exist if people from all countries of origins did not collaborate on this shared online platform. Regardless of whether you come from Mexico, South America, Central America or any other Spanish speaking Hispanic area in the word, this is your online home.

Our goal is to network with all Hispanic Americans so as to share resources, share insights and, most importantly, get the creative flow of ideas going that would enable us to craft our own localized solutions that address problems and challenges facing Latinos, wherever they live in the United States as well as US affiliated countries and territories all over the planet.

Hispanianews is not just user-generated, it is also user-supported. Now, please understand that we don’t necessarily ask for donations. Instead, we ask for support in the form of content. If you have any kind of views, news, commentary, or any kind of digital resources you think Hispanic people and Latinos from all over the world can benefit from, this is the place to share.

Please don’t hesitate. Please don’t be shy because you can bet that regardless of whatever challenges you face, there are sure to be other Latinos facing the same, and they may have come up with some sort of local, regional or even national solution to those issues.

When people share these solutions, people start brainstorming, and by bouncing ideas around, we increase the value of those ideas. Most importantly, we break them down into a form that people from all over the world can craft and incorporate in their own particular answers to produce responsive solutions that lead to positive changes, development and community advancement.

While we do believe and understand that there is no such thing as a monolithic Latino American or Hispanic American culture or political perspective, this website enables people to network and consolidate as well as to share resources in a non-intimidating, non-threatening, and non-judgmental way.

Accordingly, feel free to share local news and views. Feel free to share word of non-governmental organizations, non-profits as well a formal and official governmental assistance programs, projects and campaigns that can help people from all walks of life. Our goal is to help make sure that everybody visiting this site becomes our local ear to ground.

You have to understand that a community as diverse as ours has many different concerns. And we are located all over the place. For us to get the proper service, as well as the proper resources, to where it needs to go and when it needs to be sent, everybody has to be involved.

And that’s why everybody needs to be our local ear on the ground to make sure that we have a front row seat and immediate view of the opportunities and challenges as they quickly appear and disappear. This enables us to share our concerns and leverage our common strengths.

Share your concerns. Share your news. If you have any sort of idea and you have some sort of facts to back up those ideas or you have a wide range of situations you’d like addressed, do us and yourself a big favor and use the blogging resources of this website so whatever information is in your head is reduced to a readable form that can be enjoyed and interacted with by people all over the planet.

More importantly, such content is usually not left alone. Other people will come up with their own version. Other people will interact with it. There will be some sort of engagement that would help community members, both immediately as well as over the long term, on many different levels.

Don’t think that whatever you do here will not be noticed. Don’t think that you’re just another face in the crowd. In fact, everybody plays a direct and important role in helping shape the conversation that we are trying to foster.

Help foster the shared awareness of what it’s like to be a Latino American as well as Hispanic American, both in your local area as well as in other parts of the United States and the world.

Please note that there are many areas of this website that is in Spanish, but by and large, this website is in the English language.