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Hispanianews aims to be the online home of all Hispanics and Latinos located in the United States as well as American territories overseas.

Whether you live in the United States or you are an American of Hispanic origin living outside the country, this is the place for you. It’s imperative that we do this at this present time because things are changing really quickly.

We’d like to hear from you and we would like to be the online community that you keep returning to. We are serious about giving Hispanics from all walks of life, as well as from all perspectives, the platform they need to fully engage in an online community.

The interesting thing about the Latino experience in the United States is the fact that we have formed a tremendous part of the population in certain parts of the United States.



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Regardless of the results of the most recent elections, the handwriting is on the wall: Hispanics will be the majority group in the United States in as little as one generation.


Magic Sauce

There is space for Hispanics for participation in the future of the United States. By enabling Latinos from diverse backgrounds to network online, we would like to lay the groundwork


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This is tremendous earth-shattering news that has consequences all across the board. Regardless of your political affiliation, your political perspective.


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For greater community participation as well as have a larger voice for members of our often neglected and marginalized community to be heard in the greater political discourse.

We aim to change this. We don’t have a specific political agenda in mind. Our agenda is to just ensure greater political participation for all members of our community.


Latino Diversity

The other sources of latino diversity besides national origin

You are at ground zero of this political, social and cultural ferment. To be Latino in the United States is quite a loaded statement because it operates on many different lines. All these lines cross and intersect. We’re talking about social, cultural, economic and even religious divisions as well as points of unity and opportunities.


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The bottom line is that the Hispanic community in the United States is a very diverse community. We understand that there is strength in diversity. Out of many, one nation can rise.

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Why Hispanianews?

This Hispanic American nation has a lot to offer the greater American community. We have a lot to say as far as the greater American historical, cultural and political experience in concerned.

This diversity, far from being a handicap, can actually help us speak at the same time, from many different perspectives and many different ways and at different levels.

  • There is no such thing as a monolithic culture.
  • This has been our perspective since Day One.
  • This is an open space where you can speak up.
  • We understand and believe free speech.

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Free Online Logo Maker – All You Need To Know

What makes a logo stand out? What is the best way to create the most remarkable logo for a product or brand? This essay will provide the answers to these questions and beyond. However, we understand that some of the people reading this article are interested in a free online logo maker to help in designing a logo for their businesses until it has grown to the extent that they can have an expert design one for it. Thus, the best logo design applications which help in providing cost-effective and sometimes free logo designs shall be discussed below.

The reason the design of a logo is important

The first point of contact for your business with the public is your logo. People tend to be willing to consider what services you are providing if they like your logo. A remarkable logo design demands a combination of; creative theory, skillful application, and design skills. Any designer who knows his or her job can design a good logo but the complete understanding of all areas of the art can be time-consuming. Creating a logo is just a minute aspect of branding, but the trademark or logo is usually at the center of many branding strategies.

The finest logo makers

An application for designing logos cannot design a remarkable logo – this is something you probably know already. Some people sometimes look out for a cheap and quick logo that is reflective of the startup until it has grown to the point where it requires complete branding by an expert agency or designer. The following are five logo design makers that are sophisticated, of good value and fast.


Canva is a complete, browser-based design app that also has great tools for designing a logo. Although this app does not have the design abilities of Adobe Creative Cloud, its variety of use of tools, inspirational learning assets, and simplicity make it an amazing way to create designs for your business or brand.


TailorBrands offers not just logo designing but also a complete branding package with the aid of its browser-based program. The tool is easy to use and does not have already designed logos. However, the app is powered by Artificial Intelligence to create a distinctive logo design for every user of the application. This goes for a fee which is minute when compared to engaging the services of an agency and beginning at $2.99 monthly for its Dynamic Logo package and coming up to $10.99 monthly for the complete Premium package.


Logoshi is a remarkably easy tool that slightly resembles web 1.0 but offers simple and neat designs at an affordable price. It offers transparent, cropped and square versions of your logo as soon as it is signed off and you can also get a vector and bitmap version of all your logos bundled into a cost.


Ucraft is most likely more regarded as an app for designing websites but you will find a remarkable logo maker among the browser-based web tools. It also goes for free! The designs created work with the main social media platforms such as; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch or even Pinterest and it can be downloaded in either an SVG or a PNG file format.

How to Setup Tracking Software on Your Laptop

Due to the frequent loss of Mac computers, Apple initiated the “Find My Mac” service to detect a lost or stolen Mac computer. Nevertheless, Microsoft failed to provide a related service such as for their PCs products — not even tablets powered by Windows 8. If you have a Windows PC and want to plan ahead in case the laptop become stolen or lost, you need to track your laptop by installing some third-party software. Lots of paid services come with this feature, but we only have a few good options.

The Basics

Most tracking features come with similar features. After the installation of the software on your device, you can link up your account with the service. If you misplaced your device or it got stolen, you visit the service’s website, input your account details, and it will show you the location of the device.

Always keep it in mind that it is generally easier to track a smartphone compared to a laptop. A smartphone will always have data network linked to it and might be in standby phase, so it can reveal the location of the device. Nevertheless, if a laptop does not have Wi-Fi connection or it is powered off, it is extremely difficult to report back to you. A tracking device can provide extra security measures should you ever misplaced your laptop, but the fact still remains that it is harder to detect the location of a lost laptop compared to a missing smartphone.

Installing Prey

Prey provides tracking software for a diverse range of devices including Mac, Windows and even Linux PCs. In addition, it also offers tracking apps for iOS and Android, so this service is versatile and support several devices.

Although this service has paid premium plans, but it offers a free basic tracking service. The free service helps you to have at most three devices connected to your account and can store around ten location reports for each device.

After the completion of the installation process, you will be shown a section for the creation of a new user account or to input the details of your existing user account.

After you have been logged in, Prey will start work immediately. Prey works in form of a Windows service when in the default state. If you are looking to configure it, go to the Configure Prey shortcut on the Prey folder. You will find it in the Start menu’s programs group.

If you want Prey to check any valuable information frequently or you want to receive reports in case you lose or misplaced your laptop, choose the Execution option, and modify the actions settings and reports frequency.

Tracking Your Lost Laptop

At this stage, visit the website of this software and input all the details used during the initial registration. It will show your computer as well as other linked devices.

In case your laptop got stolen or lost, click on its name as shown on the Prey control panel and adjust the slider settings from “OK” to “Missing.” Prey is only permitted to track your device when confirmed that it is lost. Endeavor to enable the Geo feature on the app. This feature uses the internal GPS hardware of your laptop or the details gotten from nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to detect its location.

Ultimate Buying Guide for Air Intake Systems

This article will not reveal the fantastic power gains that will be accrued to you via the installation of truck accessories as applicable in the case of the air intake system. We won’t even reveal to you the leap in fuel efficiency you should be expecting when you mount a high-flowing cold air intake. We are just being realistic.  According to, incorporating an aftermarket intake into your SUV or your truck is going to enhance the performance of the system. And in return, these added performance benefits will provide better fuel efficiency.

As highlighted above, using a high-flow air intake system always turn out to be an informed decision. They generally provide larger diameter inlet tubes that are evenly discharged and allow air to quickly discharge into your engine and with increased volume. They also come with reusable filters that are conical in shape and larger and also facilitate increased airflow. Each of these accessories is equipped with a bolt-on design that doesn’t require any modification and also comes with the hardware required for installation. The top manufacturers are AIRAID, S&B, AEM, K&N, and Volant. Let us talk about the systems.

K&N FIPK Intake Kits

FIPKs – Fuel Injection Performance Kits, are the conventional high-flow air intake kit made by K&N. They are legal in 50-state and supports most vehicles. They are usually equipped with a pleated, aftermarket air filter and a high-flow intake tube that provides a larger surface area, and a heat resistant to help remove hot air from the intake system. It also includes all necessary hardware, so installation is incredibly easy. As applicable to all K&N’s systems, these come with a lifetime warranty.

Volant Cool Air Systems

The Volant closed airbox design features reusable, high-flow element, which helps discharge hot engine air from the intake system. The fact is that you will get a cool air for maximum vehicle performance. In addition,

Volant high-flow intake systems are legal in 50 states and have a lifetime warranty.

These intakes feature a reusable cotton gauze filter that is incorporated into a custom polyethylene box covered with carbon fiber-styled that can withstand lesser heat compared to the metal. Another exciting fact is that all necessary hardware is included.

S&B Air Intakes

S&B Air Intakes have the perfect combination of filtration and airflow and they can also be used in all the 50 states. They feature a closed airbox system that inhibits hot engine compartment air from discharging into the intake system. Also, the filter box comes with a clear lid for a distinct design and as applicable to other intake systems highlighted above, this one also features a bolt-on design and comes with all necessary hardware. S&B’s has a lifetime warranty that guarantees that you are purchasing a quality product.

AIRAID Air Intake Systems

AIRAID Intake Systems are amazing for someone looking for an inexpensive means of incorporating a high-performance air intake system into their vehicle. All AIRAID systems are legal in all the 50 states and come with all brackets and hardware required for installation. Every system features a reusable, new, high-flowing air filter and some even feature a heat shield and a new aluminum intake tube.

Best Marine Battery for the Money

Maybe you wish to have a more secure and reliable experience while navigating or whether you want to use it for your fishing activities, the best marine batteries are the most ideal for you. In this article, we will clearly state the reasons. Now, choosing the right marine boat battery is quite difficult; according to, you will need to carry out a lot of research, and not all what the manufacturers say are true. That is the reason why we compiled this review. Today, we will talk about the favorite marine batteries that are available on the marketplace and provide you with lots of guides on selecting the right model.

Why We Need The Best Marine Battery Specially?

Let us be realistic; a deep cycle marine battery is the best tool or appliance that you should have in your possession. Why?

Because with them, you can kick start engines with ease via the augmentation of the power and also by fully preserving the energy – cells are a must.

A deep-cycle battery helps to provide a sufficient surge of power to start an engine.

On the contrary, if you have a less efficient, more powerful burst of energy from conventional engine-starting batteries can reduce the power capacity in only a few unsuccessful starts.

On the other hand, a starting battery is designed to provide sufficient loads of energy while trying to power a 12v system.

These two are the varieties of marine batteries you can choose, and almost all of them have a similar feature when compared to each other while some offer both performances during the same period.

Optima BlueTop D34M Marine Battery

The BlueTop series battery made by Optima is a fantastic addition to any boat, asides from its excellence in recharging techniques and times, but because it offers more reliability and excellent performance.

It works incredibly well for trolling motors, electronic systems, and even  RVs, and various 12v vehicles. The accessory is regarded as one of the versatile, flexible,  and reliable deep-cycle and starting batteries available on the marketplace.

Outstanding Power & Strength

At 750 cold-cranking AMPs with 12v, the OPTIMA BlueTop will effortlessly turn on any engine.

Even the largest RV motors or boat engines, these batteries will offer its best to provide a superb ignition incomparable to another cell.

Even in bad weather, it will be easier to start the engine and offer more convenience than most cells out there.

Durable & Reliable Construction

You can place the Optima BlueStop anywhere without any limitations as regards to its functionality or integrity.

It is designed to withstand intense vibration and at the same time delivers 2 hours of constant performance. Also, it provides three times more charges than conventional batteries.

In addition, it is spill-proof and doesn’t require any maintenance at all.

Top-Notch SpiralCell Tech

If you check the inner compartment of the Optima BlueStop battery, you will notice a unique manufacturing method for its lead components and its oxides, which offer superb performance and durability.

The spiral winding lead plates help to facilitate this process to maintain the humidity, temperatures, and tolerances and to ensure that the process is achieved efficiently. We recommend that you peruse this article and ensure that you follow the guides appropriately to enable you to make an informed decision.

Choosing the Best Vlogging Camera for Youtube

Anyone that has a blog and wants to upload video will likely consider the video camera that is ideal to use at any point in time. The perfect choice for best vlogging camera for YouTube depends solely on the features and price range. Before you select your camera accessory in the market, I will advise that you peruse the list of essentials you are looking to get during the selection.

Things to Look for in a Vlogging Camera

There are loads of cameras for YouTube vlogging available on the marketplace. But how do you select the ideal camera suited for your vlogging purpose? How do we know whether a camera is good for vlogging?

Image Quality: I suggest that you go for a camera with maximum HD recording capabilities or the one with 1080p capacity, to enhance the professional appearance of your vlog. But if your vlog channel specializes in photography, science experiment, food, beauty and stylish, etc. that requires video quality, I recommend the 4K or “Ultra HD” cameras.

Low Light Performance: Most vloggers shoot their videos while inside a building especially in an area where the light is dimmed and requires professional lighting equipment. And at times, the sun might not shine brightly when you record videos outdoor.

Optical Image Stabilization: I am sure you will need to move around to enable you to carry out some activities and due to this, you need to get a camera that features Optical Image Stabilization. With this, you can produce superb and excellent video quality.

Audio: The fact is that if the sound is not audible, the viewers will be unable to hear your voice clearly and won’t spend substantial time on your creation. So, I suggest that you opt for a camera that features a high-performance type audio recording.

Flip Screen: Asides from maintaining fantastic video quality, it also makes your camera handy.

You don’t need to expend a huge amount of money to purchase a decent camera that will perform the job. There are numerous devices that come at a price lesser than $200 and perform the job quite well.

Canon Powershot ELPH 350 HS

ELPH 350 HS is regarded as one of the best in terms of budget. So, as a blogger, you can get this device if you don’t have enough money on hand but you have to make sacrifices in terms of the light performance. However, professionals are of the opinion that the microphone is one of the best out there because it provides a rich audio signal recording. In addition, your image will be stable even if you are recording at inconvenient locations.


  • Equipped with optical image stabilization.
  • Front facing microphones.
  • Supports Wi-Fi.
  • Comes with 1080p recording capabilities.


  • Lightest camera unit available on the marketplace, only 147 grams.
  • Low price.


  • The low light performance needs to be improved.
  • Battery life is poor.
  • Flip screen and Autofocus issues not

Canon S120 Digital Video Camera

Canon S120 delivers faster performance coupled with 1080p recording capacity at 60fps and can even capture at 12MP. Users can also adjust the ISO settings, metering pattern, drive mode, self-timer, and white balance.


  • Large image sensor and sharp lenses.
  • Supports Wi-Fi.
  • Features Raw data support.
  • Features 1080p video recording at 60fps.


  • Supports Easy file sharing.
  • Easy control over settings.


  • Zooming will lead to the constricted
  • Costly option.
  • Does not come with EVF option.

Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine Reviews

Coverstitch sewing devices are used to create a quality hem to clothing materials and evenly apply trims to balanced seams. They are handy tools for people who like to design clothes from knit fabrics. Also, they are handy for people who need to create seams that have the capability to retain some stretch, read this article for more information. The coverstitch sewing device can work with at most three needles attached to the top and also a thread looper attached below that interconnect the thread via the stitches to create a double-locking chain.

Sewing operation is done from the top layer of the material with the edge of the fabric remaining underneath and it forms a single straight stitch that is mounted at the top layer and a chain stitch mounted above the raw edge. I compiled a list of the top coverstitch sewing machine and I chose several brands and varieties of machines for this review to enable us to analyze a variety of options in cost and feature.

How to Select the Coverstitch Machine That Is Suitable for You

The first factor to consider when comparing these varieties of models is the features that are similar to all of them. Each device features differential feed which allows you to alter the settings for the quantity of material fed through the machine. The adjustment of the knob will hinder any “tunneling” that can happen between stitches or attach light gathering into garments where it is required. Both the Janome and Brother machines can be used with at most three needles. In addition, Juki takes stitching to an exceptional new level. The combination of coverstitch and serger features enhances the versatility.

Many individuals disagree about the benefits of combining the functions of a coverstitch with those of a serger sewing machine. Many often find it difficult to stitch the thread and at the same time switch to another function. The Juki MO-735 also falls in the line but once the technique is mastered, it fast-track the process.

Another drawback of the Juki MO-735 is that the instruction guide is difficult to understand. Fortunately, the videos on YouTube are instructional thereby making it easier to thread the device and use various stitches.

The Issue with Overlock/Serger Machines     

After overlock devices or sergers were introduced into the marketplace, one of the major drawbacks of the machine was the threading system. A single mistake can cause a catastrophic effect resulting in poor stitch quality. Asides from the problems highlighted in the threading guide, poor stitching arises from inaccurate tension settings.

Although a coverstitch sewing machine has features similar to the serger, there have been lots of technological innovations since the original models. They also have a disparity in that the coverstitch device creates a coverstitch underneath the fabric and it doesn’t pierce through the material as the seam is sewn. In this review, the Juki MO-735 is the only device that allows you to select between the coverstitch and overlock functions.

Choosing the Best Home Weather Station

The fact is that many people do not know that they need the home weather stations until they eventually get one. Although their popularity soared in recent times, these equipment have been around since ages – at least one company has been manufacturing the home weather station since a very long time, and that’s Davis Instruments.

Things have undergone several revolutions. Within the last few years, new companies have started to come up thereby reducing the cost of ownership to the barest minimum to enable the regular consumer as well as the weather enthusiast to easily afford it. But just like the best weather apps for iOS and Android, not all weather stations have the same features, and another important feature to consider is accuracy.

We have been able to test the various weather stations and find the best out of the rest. In this article, we will talk about some of the top weather stations that are available in the marketplace.

Ambient Weather Ws-2902 Osprey

Many people don’t believe the claims of Ambient Weather which stated that they can rival the accuracy of Davis Instrument’s Vantage series despite its diverse range of connectivity options that is superior to any station on the market.

For the most part, these claims were valid.  In our tests, the WS-2902’s accessory performed exceptionally well, except for the barometric pressure sensor – which requires regular recalibration. Usually, these features would have been enough to propel David’s Vantage Vue to the top spot, however, Ambient Weather made us have a change of mind due to its connectivity preferences.

Although the Osprey does not come with its customized app – something we hope that this brand will address in the future – It has the capability to connect to your Google Assistant, IFTTT and even Amazon Echo. With IFTTT, your WS-2902 can be used to intelligently control your smart equipment, for instance switching off your Rachio sprinklers when it is raining or switching on the lights in your day during the dark season. It uses measurements and at the same time gets its data from its solar radiation sensor.

But asides this, you can also connect it to Weathercloud or Weather Underground, or utilize the Ambient Weather’s API to create your own applications.

Davis Vantage Vue

Davis instruments come top among other personal weather station market due to its staying power and according to reports, they sold their first digital weather stations in the 1990s. But their greatest shortcoming has always been the price.

Enter the Vantage Vue. Davis brand attempted to reduce the price of their weather station to compete favorably with newer stations while also keeping the accuracy and reliability intact. Although the Vantage Vue comes at a higher price rate, it has an unrivaled accuracy. All sensors are incorporated into a 5-in-1 unit, which measures speed, wind direction, rainfall, humidity, and temperature.

Although all-in-one sensor units have its own shortcomings – you will need to make a decision whether accurate temperature readings are more important than speed readings and vice versa – our testers rated reliability and accuracy very high.

The station is yet to develop any fault through a full six months of undergoing the intense test and also require little or no maintenance. One area where we confronted challenges, however, was its connectivity.

Best Watering Timers Reviews

Many of us will enjoy the view of a beautiful garden. The true fact is that gardens have already become part of our life and it cannot be changed. Whether you have a large area of land that you have divided into different sections to plant vegetables and flowers, or a smaller patch to hang baskets – you need to put in lots of work and effort, but it can turn out to be enjoyable and therapeutic. However, you need a little more of assistance to keep things moving in the right direction, especially during dry season, where regular watering is required. That is why, due to the hot season, we will talk more about the best watering timers.

Kingfisher Electronic Water Timer

The irrigation is designed to carry out an easy task, so I will advise that you opt for an appliance that is inexpensive, efficient and easy to use. Sometimes, you discover items such as these to be a little bit tricky, but actually, simplicity should be the important feature to look out for. So, it is important to opt for the accessory that is simple to use. This model is designed by Kingfisher – a brand with numerous varieties of garden tools – is neat and simple, and also comes with simple technology.

In addition, it can be programmed easily and has loads of simple to understand dials, and with this device, you can set up to 24 cycles for the rest of the day to enable you to have a comprehensive irrigation. It also features an in-line filter to enhance its efficiency, and it works well with all conventional hose fittings to enable you to connect it to your irrigation system or hose unit. If you are looking to get a water timer as a beginner, I recommend this appliance. It comes within the price range of  £15, and it gives you the maximum value for your money.

Hozelock Simple Water Timer

As highlighted above, simplicity is a major factor to consider when shopping for these sorts of appliances, so in view of this, we like the fact that ‘Simple’ is in this title because we don’t have any model that is as simple to use as this. However, that doesn’t imply that this particular model doesn’t have its own shortcomings, as it is limited in some ways. Let us discuss the merits first: It is incredibly easy to use – you link it to your outdoor trap and then connect a hose. You can then set the timer, and it is equipped with 13 simple to use pre-designed programs.

The main downside is that, though the one highlighted above can offer up to  24 cycles, this one only has the capability to water your plants up to four rounds in a day. Granted, this should be enough for anyone with a small area of land during the regular season, but when things go awry, you are expected to water your precious plants for the entire day. Having considered that, at a price range of £20, this one would be ideal for someone who really desires an appliance equipped with the digital feature. And I assure that you will get the full value for your money by opting for this. Nevertheless, I suggest that you follow these guidelines appropriately to make an educated choice.

Benefits of Super Green Malaysian Kratom

A lot can be expected from Super Green Malaysian Kratom due to the fact that its advantages are diverse and fit for everyone. A number of the most popular advantages of super green Malay for sale are itemized here:

  • Energy all day long
  • A heightened level of concentration
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Freedom from stomach problems
  • Stress-busting effects
  • Muscular relaxation
  • Induction of mental calmness
  • Uplift of social life and reduction of social worries
  • Pain relaxing effect for both muscles and joints
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Destruction of insomnia related disorders

A number of the most popular effects of Super Green Malaysian Kratom are as follows:

Energy Balance

What makes Super Green Malay Kratom unique is the balanced energy it gives. As opposed to other types of Kratom that give an instant burst of energy, this Kratom strain energizes smoothly. This makes understanding how it functions complicated to new to it. Thus, it is important in those situations to learn a few things relating to its distinct sedating and energizing features. Another necessary aspect of the Super Green Malay Kratom is its dose reliance. At an average stage of does, the green leaves are capable of stimulating the brain. As there is an increase in the dose, the effects begin producing a soothing effect on the mind.

Additionally, an average to a large dose of Green Malay offers stimulation at the begin and then it levels for a soothing effect which culminates in sedation. Thus, because of this, begin the consumption of this strain at a small dose and slowly take it up to discover the most suitable dosage.

Relief from Pain

All kinds of Malay Kratom function very well in soothing the effects of pain.  Although, Green-veined leaves are very effective in this area. Due to the fact that it does not soothe like other strains, it can be a good solution for people who want to cure the pain but do not intend to waste strength and be sedated.

Nootropic-like Properties

Green leaves of Super Green Malay Kratom usually imitate nootropic drugs when one considers the effects. Nootropics are drugs that have the potential to increase the brain’s cognition. Green Malay functions just like nootropics and has the potential to increase focus, mental endurance, and energy for a longer duration. It is necessary to make use of the strain in an average way as higher doses can reduce the properties that make it similar to nootropics.

Stress Busting Effects

Green Malaysian strain of Kratom has the power to diminish stress levels as well as worries in people. Due to the fact that it does not sedate people, the two effects can happen without reducing the pace of peoples’ daily activities. It also has the potential to lessen peoples’ social awkwardness and make their lives more interesting. One should use it carefully as superfluous use of Green Malay can lead to intolerance.

Uplifting of Moods

Like a good number of Kratom Strains, the different kinds of green veined leaves could have a huge effect on a person’s general mood. This feature is formed from two alkaloids which are; 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. The expected dose for uplifting moods differs from one person to another.

More and more Latino fighters are investing in the best Thai pads

Thai kickboxing is taking America by storm. It’s very easy to see why more and more Americans are discovering the distinct joys and charms of Thai martial arts. Unlike traditional boxing with its focus on the upper body and strategic moves, Thai boxing is holistic in nature. Your whole body is involved. You can move your legs. You can move your arms. It’s not just I head game. It goes beyond the realm of psychology.

While you can become a very good Thai mixed martial arts fighter by using your head, you will become an excellent one when you use your spirit. This is what separates Eastern martial arts from Western martial arts. Sure, no culture has a monopoly on blood sports, but what really makes Thai kickboxing so amazing and so intriguing is the fact that you have to learn how to trust yourself.

Sure, you can buy the best Thai pads, but equipment and fighting power are just two pieces of the puzzle. There are many other pieces of the puzzle that you have to be aware of. You have to be accountable for all these other pieces; otherwise, your game is not going to be where it is. You’re going to be an incomplete fighter.

To be a really great Thai fighter, you have to really understand how your body works and the sense of spiritual dance between you and the other person that you are fighting against. You have to remember that when you engage somebody, whether it’s in the courtroom, in a bar or in a fighting ring, you are engaged in a dance. They do something, you do something.

This is not some sort of random collection of moves. Instead, there is an intricate set of rules that you have to recognize early on if you want to get a comparative advantage. This is what’s so memorizing about Thai martial arts and Eastern martial arts in particular. There is a tremendous emphasis on the spiritual component of what would otherwise be a physical exercise.

Unfortunately, in the West, we are trained to separate our body from our minds just as we are supposed to separate our spirit from our minds, body, moods and emotion. This really is too bad because when you do that, it’s like you’re fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

If you’ve ever seen old martial arts movies from Hong Kong from the 1970s, invariably, they would feature some sort of disabled master. This person has a physical handicap, but this person turns out to be the most powerful fighter in the room. Nobody can even come close.

Usually, the master is blind. This is an allegory to the fact that most human beings are blind, but the master overcame. Through years of discipline, exercise, sacrifice and practice, he became more than his limitations. If anything, the blind master or the one-eyed master or any other master who’s suffering from any kind of physical disability is a message to us to get our act together. He symbolizes the human capacity to overcome whatever limitations we were born with.

Sure, you may invest in the best Thai pads but, let me tell you, the best way to move ahead in any kind of martial art is to overcome your mental limitations. Unfortunately, the only the only person who can help you do that is yourself.