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Hispanianews aims to be the online home of all Hispanics and Latinos located in the United States as well as American territories overseas.

Whether you live in the United States or you are an American of Hispanic origin living outside the country, this is the place for you. It’s imperative that we do this at this present time because things are changing really quickly.

We’d like to hear from you and we would like to be the online community that you keep returning to. We are serious about giving Hispanics from all walks of life, as well as from all perspectives, the platform they need to fully engage in an online community.

The interesting thing about the Latino experience in the United States is the fact that we have formed a tremendous part of the population in certain parts of the United States.



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Regardless of the results of the most recent elections, the handwriting is on the wall: Hispanics will be the majority group in the United States in as little as one generation.


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There is space for Hispanics for participation in the future of the United States. By enabling Latinos from diverse backgrounds to network online, we would like to lay the groundwork


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This is tremendous earth-shattering news that has consequences all across the board. Regardless of your political affiliation, your political perspective.


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For greater community participation as well as have a larger voice for members of our often neglected and marginalized community to be heard in the greater political discourse.

We aim to change this. We don’t have a specific political agenda in mind. Our agenda is to just ensure greater political participation for all members of our community.


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The other sources of latino diversity besides national origin

You are at ground zero of this political, social and cultural ferment. To be Latino in the United States is quite a loaded statement because it operates on many different lines. All these lines cross and intersect. We’re talking about social, cultural, economic and even religious divisions as well as points of unity and opportunities.


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The bottom line is that the Hispanic community in the United States is a very diverse community. We understand that there is strength in diversity. Out of many, one nation can rise.

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This Hispanic American nation has a lot to offer the greater American community. We have a lot to say as far as the greater American historical, cultural and political experience in concerned.

This diversity, far from being a handicap, can actually help us speak at the same time, from many different perspectives and many different ways and at different levels.

  • There is no such thing as a monolithic culture.
  • This has been our perspective since Day One.
  • This is an open space where you can speak up.
  • We understand and believe free speech.

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More and more Latino fighters are investing in the best Thai pads

Thai kickboxing is taking America by storm. It’s very easy to see why more and more Americans are discovering the distinct joys and charms of Thai martial arts. Unlike traditional boxing with its focus on the upper body and strategic moves, Thai boxing is holistic in nature. Your whole body is involved. You can move your legs. You can move your arms. It’s not just I head game. It goes beyond the realm of psychology.

While you can become a very good Thai mixed martial arts fighter by using your head, you will become an excellent one when you use your spirit. This is what separates Eastern martial arts from Western martial arts. Sure, no culture has a monopoly on blood sports, but what really makes Thai kickboxing so amazing and so intriguing is the fact that you have to learn how to trust yourself.

Sure, you can buy the best Thai pads, but equipment and fighting power are just two pieces of the puzzle. There are many other pieces of the puzzle that you have to be aware of. You have to be accountable for all these other pieces; otherwise, your game is not going to be where it is. You’re going to be an incomplete fighter.

To be a really great Thai fighter, you have to really understand how your body works and the sense of spiritual dance between you and the other person that you are fighting against. You have to remember that when you engage somebody, whether it’s in the courtroom, in a bar or in a fighting ring, you are engaged in a dance. They do something, you do something.

This is not some sort of random collection of moves. Instead, there is an intricate set of rules that you have to recognize early on if you want to get a comparative advantage. This is what’s so memorizing about Thai martial arts and Eastern martial arts in particular. There is a tremendous emphasis on the spiritual component of what would otherwise be a physical exercise.

Unfortunately, in the West, we are trained to separate our body from our minds just as we are supposed to separate our spirit from our minds, body, moods and emotion. This really is too bad because when you do that, it’s like you’re fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

If you’ve ever seen old martial arts movies from Hong Kong from the 1970s, invariably, they would feature some sort of disabled master. This person has a physical handicap, but this person turns out to be the most powerful fighter in the room. Nobody can even come close.

Usually, the master is blind. This is an allegory to the fact that most human beings are blind, but the master overcame. Through years of discipline, exercise, sacrifice and practice, he became more than his limitations. If anything, the blind master or the one-eyed master or any other master who’s suffering from any kind of physical disability is a message to us to get our act together. He symbolizes the human capacity to overcome whatever limitations we were born with.

Sure, you may invest in the best Thai pads but, let me tell you, the best way to move ahead in any kind of martial art is to overcome your mental limitations. Unfortunately, the only the only person who can help you do that is yourself. has made bed bug issues history for many Latino and non-Latino households


I remember the first time I moved into a new apartment. I was really excited because I was just fresh out of college. Unfortunately, I was wet behind the ears as far as finding and selecting the right apartments go.

I ended up picking this place that had a very weird carpet. I can’t really quite say that the carpet was shagged carpeting, but it was thick enough. It had this weird smell. It seems that no matter what the landlord did, that smell never went away.

Well, it turned out that the smell was the least of my worries. It turned out that the previous tenants had dogs and cats and guess what? These dogs and cats had ticks and, worse yet, bed bugs. So the six months that I stayed in that apartment was, for lack of a better word, hell on earth. And I’m not exaggerating, nor am I being overly dramatic. Let’s put it this way, picking out bugs, whether complete or in parts, out of my socks, pants, underwear, undershirt, and clothes drawers got old really quickly.

On top of the hassles described above, I have to watch where I slept on my bed. I had to avoid the travel routes of bed bugs as they made their way on a convoy through my bed. Believe me, getting bit by a bed bug in the head one two many times will wise you up really quickly. And this is putting it mildly. Can you even imagine if I have a nasty allergic reaction to bed bug bites like many people? Those bug bite inflammation attacks are no joke!

I wish I had heard of before. That would have been the answer to all my problems., make no mistake about it, can and does make short work of bed bug infestations.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that your apartment is so contaminated and so dirty that bed bugs are pretty much there to stay. You might even be thinking that they are fixtures. Well, think again. has made an art as well as a science of eliminating these six-legged invaders.

And that’s precisely what they are. They are invaders. They invade your personal space, and they invade all the interior spaces in your habitation. Sooner or later, you get bit.

Now, thank your lucky stars if you have a normal reaction to bed bugs. In other words, you don’t have allergic reactions to the chemical composition of their spit. But if you do, all bets are off. In fact, a bad reaction can easily send you on a trip to the hospital. It’s bad news.

So do yourself a big favor, access the website immediately. Get a hold of these professionals so they can nuke your bed bug issues away. A solution does exist. You don’t have to suffer in pain any longer.

Read this for the best lipolaser unit prices at Slender Lasers


Lipolasers are all the rage because people want to look trim and fit. This is really not that big of a deal nor is it some sort of mystery. The reason why lipolasers are getting so hot is because they really make you look slimmer. They really do.

And no matter how flabby you’ve gotten, with enough lipolaser treatments, you would get the look you are looking for without having to sweat buckets at the gym, punish yourself on a treadmill or, worse yet, put yourself in some sort of starvation diet.

Now, is this some sort of cheating? Well, you can look at it that way. Sure. Why? Well, it works so well and the difference between your before and after pictures are so stark, and frankly mind blowing, that people might stop and look. That’s how powerful lipolaser can be.

Now here’s the problem, there are many lipolaser units out there. How do you know which is which? How do you know which piece of equipment makes the most sense as far as your particular needs are concerned?

If you are a Latino or a Latina person looking to find the very best product, this doesn’t jump out at you. It’s not like there’s a simple model that will take care of people’s problems all across the board. I wish there was such a product. The problem is there are so many hucksters and promoters who go through extreme lengths to make you believe this is a thing. It’s easy to see what is in it for them. After all, once you sell people on the idea of a unicorn, it becomes easier to pass fake unicorns on to them. This is just basic product marketing.

I’m sorry to be the one to report this to you, but one-size-fits-all solutions almost always never work. There is no one cookie cutter solution that works in all situations at all times for all different people with all different needs. You have to find something very specific.

Thankfully, there is an online resource you can check. Slender Lasers have made it their personal mission to focus on fat-trimming lasers. They know the ins and outs of this technology. They know it like the back of their hands.

Accordingly, if you go there and you look at the different units they have on offer, you can quickly slice and dice these products based on their features. You can then fit these features to the benefits that you’re looking for to eventually come with your choice. At the very least, they make this information easy to access and, better yet, easy to understand.

So go on over to Slender Lasers and pay attention to their listings. The best lipolaser unit prices at Slender Lasers will lead you to the right choice.

To find the very best outdoor ceiling fans for your family, read this


I hate the phrase “the best.” I really do. Why? I’ve been burned many times before. I let my own trust and gullibility get the better of me. Like clockwork, I get burned again and again because I relied on that magical phrase. It’s magical because I made it magical.

It finally dawned on me that the reason why I kept letting myself down was the fact that the best is situational. It’s relative. It’s comparative. What am I talking about? Well, if you have certain needs, chances are, a certain solution that addresses those needs would be the best for you.

Are you with me so far? Everything clear so far? Well, good. Because if you talk to somebody with different needs, then their definition of the best product probably would not match somebody else’s definition.

Most people are clueless about this. They think that they and their friends and other members of their social circles are pretty much one and the same. After all, they can see eye to eye on many things. Birds, after all, flock together, right? Well, that idea can only go so far. As similar as our tastes may be, there are serious differences that divide us. This reality is not going to go away anytime soon no matter how much you like or respect your friends. You can see eye to eye on so many things but this is a far cry from becoming one and the same.

Are you still with me? Good. Now that we’re on the same page, what do think happens when you ask your friends what their best recommendations are for a wide range of products? Well, they probably have their opinion because they needed those products at a certain point in the past. But when you try to act on their recommendations, things fall apart.

This is why, if you’re looking for the best outdoor ceiling fans, you need to be clear about your needs. You need to make sure that everything falls into place. You need to make sure to take care of the different details. Otherwise, you might find yourself at the mercy of your friends’ recommendations. And time and time again, they will let you down.

Now, your friends did not disappoint you because they wanted to. This is not intentional. They did not mean it to happen. Instead, you came up short precisely because your needs are different. You’re going to be using the product in a different context.

Maybe you are dealing with a bigger interior space. Maybe you live in a different part of the country. Maybe you have different energy infrastructures. Whatever the case may be, these small differences, which you and your friends don’t talk about, might actually play a big role in why their recommendations don’t fit your situation. Do yourself a big favor, step up and do the necessary research so you don’t put yourself in this pickle.

Indian water purifiers can definitely help Latino families. Click here for more information


Let me be clear, if you are living out in Texas where there’s a lot of open space, you really have your work cut out for you. Sure, Texas might offer a lot of land, but a lot of that is dry land. This is a very arid country for the most part. In fact, a lot of parts in Texas are so dry that they are technically deserts. Talk about challenging terrain.

Well, the good news for Latino families located in very remote and very dry areas is that you can tap ground water. There are all sorts of high powered drills and pumps available on the market. They don’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you can drill for water pretty much regularly.

Here’s a hint, if you live in an area where there’s some sort stream or some sort of existing body of water, you only need to look for wells near the proximity. Chances are quite high that there are water tables near exposed bodies of water.

How can this be? When there is exposed water, the stream is actually the ‘rupture’ or break of the water table. Water is already flowing underground. You just need to find the place where the water comes out of the earth. The more flowing water, the better. Flowing water, after all, has less contaminants-at least the biological kind.

I need you to act on that tip because it pays off tremendously. It’s almost guaranteed. So do yourself a big favor and tap that water so you can take care of your family’s hydration needs.

Now, the next issue that you need to keep in mind is making sure that that water is purified. While you can access water in most parts of the country through a well, it’s another matter entirely whether you should drink that water straight out of the tap.

To maximize the safety of your family, I would suggest that you use Indian water purifiers. These water purifiers have been battle tested in an Indian context. In other words, they are designed for minimal inputs while maximizing quality outputs.

If you’re looking for a tried and proven water filtration or water purification option, this is it. You probably can’t find any better design.

Now, the good news here is that there is a resource that you can access that would line up many different Indian water purifiers so you can get the very best option as far as your particular needs and setting are concerned. Click here to get this information. Get ready to order because these water purifiers can definitely help take your family’s habitation and water quality to the next level.

For the very best scopes for Latino shooters, check this out


Latino gun enthusiasts have been growing recently. We’re talking about Latinos who are into long range shooting. There are lots of high powered rifles on the market. A lot of them can deliver quite a bit of power over long distances.

Sounds good so far, right? Well, the problem is, if you don’t have a good scope, it doesn’t really matter how much firepower your equipment has. Seriously. It doesn’t matter how big its bullets are, it doesn’t matter how long its chamber is, you are not going to hit the mark. Why? You did not invest in the right scope.

The scope of your rifle is the extension of your eye. Keep focused and you’ll eventually hit the target. The right scope enables you to focus correctly and intently. These are crucial to eventually hitting the target and building up your skill level. Keep hitting it. Again and again until you level up to a truly phenomenal level.

Now, keep in mind that a lot of rifles ship with stock or default scopes. You may be thinking that you don’t have to spend an extra dollar on your rifle because it came with a factory scope. How bad could it be, right?

Well, unfortunately, it can get really bad. Why? If you want to take pride in your long range shooting, you really have to invest in the very best scopes.

There’s a reason why expert riflemen and marksmen from all over the world prefer third party or aftermarket scopes. Most of these professionals don’t really stick with the default scope their rifle shipped with. If you want the very best for your weapon, do what a lot of other Latino shooters are doing: order specialized equipment.

Now, it’s one thing to realize this, it’s another to jump in with both feet and order the first “expert scope” you come across. As you probably already know, that is a one way ticket to disappointment. Why? Well, you’re going to be let down because it may turn out that the product that you buy is a bad fit for your needs.

To make sure you do this right, check out You only need to go to that page and you will see a complete breakdown and different scope options. Once you see how these are described, relate them or cross reference them with your particular needs and sure enough, the right scope will present itself.

You just have to have the right set of information and you have to be clear as to what you really need in a scope. Once you’ve done this preliminary homework, everything is pretty much smooth sailing after you click on that resource page I shared with you.

Take your Latino family to a Thai vacation and take the best pictures via Chiang Mai photographers


Latino families have discovered Southeast Asia. This is not a recent discovery. It has been going on for quite some time. What’s different this time around, however, is that more and more families are going together as a group to certain itineraries.

Thailand has always been popular with people all over the world. It’s a great vacation mainstay. In fact, for a lot of people located all over the world, Thailand is one of those sure shot vacations. In other words, if you are stumped as to a vacation destination, you only need to decide on Thailand and your decision basically takes care of itself.

What’s not to love? There are lots of great food, there are a lot of hills to explore, there are tons of elephants, lots of agricultural countryside scenery, and on and on it goes. There are definitely tons of Buddhist temples. This is why a lot of people love going on Thai vacations because Thailand is actually very diverse.

When you go to different islands like Phi Phi, you are transported to another planet. That’s how beautiful Phi Phi island is. In fact, the only other island that can even come close, and that’s not really saying much, is Boracay in the Philippines. But Boracay is a pale shadow of Phi Phi. If you want to be transported to a place that no less than Leonardo Dicaprio, the Hollywood star, fell in love with, you have to go to Phi Phi island. This is just how awesome Thai vacations could be.

Thailand is an amazing place because lots of places are actually well-maintained despite the fact that millions of tourists make their way to these well-worn areas. In terms of environmental soundness, these are well-policed. This is saying a lot since many hot tourist spots out in the middle of forest or other natural areas easily fill up with trash, smoke, squatters, and other nasty elements of a modern age. Phi Phi, against all odds, survived these trends. This is as much a testament to solid planning as it is to more environmentally conscious tourists. Believe me, more tourist spots could use more of such tourists and travelers. A little bit of education can definitely go a long way. Seriously.

And if you are thinking of a distinct experience for your Latino family, you might want to consider Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is awesome because of its terrain. It also has its own distinctive culture. In fact, Chiang Mai offers the very best Thai food and cultural experience without burning a hole through your pocket. It’s quite cheap.

To make sure that your family outing is memorialized professionally, invest in Chiang Mai photographers. They’re not all that expensive, but they can definitely go a long way in taking expert shots of your trip so you can fondly remember your trip to Southeast Asia year after year.

Latinas need to read about prenatal massage


I wish I could tell you that pregnancy for Latina women, and all other women for that matter, is a smooth trip from Point A to Point B. It would be nice if it all played out like clockwork. Your female partner would do certain things before she gets pregnant, then during her pregnancy, she does certain things. And after pregnancy, she comes out perfectly healthy. And sooner rather than later, her old body comes back. This is the fantasy most guys have.

Unfortunately, if you do not roll up your sleeves and become part of the equation, your wife, girlfriend or partner might take a long time before she gets her old body back. In fact, given everything that could wrong, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t get her old body back ever.

I don’t want to depress you, I definitely don’t want to discourage you, but I need to give you this dose of reality. You need to be part of the equation. It’s time to ditch the macho Latino mindset. Instead, participate in the pregnancy.

A lot of guys, and this goes beyond Latinos, think that pregnancy is pretty much a one person journey for females. After all, since they aren’t females how can they relate? Since they can’t relate biologically, how much of a help can they be? Maybe they might just make things worse, right? Well, this line of thinking is just a cop-out. Seriously. You’re just giving yourself excuse after excuse, in the form of questions, to ditch your responsibilities as a would be father and husband/partner.

How? Well, give your wife or girlfriend or partner a prenatal massage. This does not only condition her body for a smoother delivery, but this also provides a tremendous opportunity for you to bond as a couple.

When you give her a prenatal massage, you let her know, in no uncertain terms, how much she means to you. You are in her space. You demonstrate to her your love. You know, it’s one thing for guys to talk a big game about love. It’s one thing to do public displays of affection, but it’s another to actually sacrifice for your partner.

Make no mistake about it, a prenatal massage when done right is a sacrifice of time, focus, attention and energy. In other words, it’s real. It’s a substantial investment of your personal time. Your partner can’t help but sit up and pay attention. She can’t help but realize how much you mean to her. Make it count.

You have to remember that in most cases, the person giving the love is the person feeling the love. Feel the love by giving your partner a nice prenatal massage. Learn what you need to learn to get this going so you can give her a positive experience.

For the very best outdoor experience, invest in the best baby beach tents


I hate using the phrase “the best.” I really do. Why? Well, as you probably can already tell looking at the blog posts on this Latino site, we’re all different. We come from different backgrounds, we come from different countries. Sure, we speak the same language and we tend to be Catholic or Pentecostal, but that’s pretty much the similarities we share.

We look very different from each other, we have different points of views, we come from different class backgrounds, and we have different aspirations. These differences are actually awesome. This is what really makes our community so lively and so fun to be a part of.

It is within this context that you need to ground the issue of “the best.” Because if you simply go with somebody’s recommendations as to what is best for them, chances are, you will be disappointed. It’s only a matter of time.

Why are you setting yourself up for a letdown? Well, it’s actually quite simple. People recommend stuff that makes sense to them. Now, it makes sense to them because they have certain needs. They obviously buy products that meet those needs. Those products have certain features that solve certain problems a certain way and it produces the right effects.

So far so good, right? Well, it’s awesome for them, but if you have different needs, their recommendations might fall flat. In fact, in many cases, their recommendations might turn out to be a horrible idea. Do you see how this works? Do you see the disconnect?

This is why you have to refer to online resources that would enable you to zero in on what is the best as far as your particular set of circumstances are concerned. This is especially true if you are in the market for the best baby beach tents.

Asking your friends regarding their ideas for the best baby beach tents might lead to some serious disappointment. They might not even have a clue. So do yourself a big favor, go to Go to that link. You will get all the information you need to make a truly informed choice.

They’re not going to cram a choice down your throat. Instead, they’re going to slice and dice baby beach tent offerings and tell you, in plain English, the advantages and disadvantages of going with those particular products. At the very least, you know the pros and cons of each product offering enough so you can plug this information into your particular circumstances.

That’s how you make a truly informed decision. You don’t just jump in with both feet and look for a brand. You don’t just head straight to the product recommended by your friends and relatives. Instead, you look at your needs and you make sure that there is a tight fit while at the same time operating within budget.

To find the very best outdoor solar lighting for any Latino home, click here

I guess my home is the typical Latino home. I’m very big with carbon barbecue. There’s nothing more awesome than charcoal-grilled chicken. The fresher the chicken, the better. As you probably already know, by adding some Latino spices and some chili marinade to any chicken, you really wake up the taste of that lean white meat. Nothing can come close.

Well, the problem with having a carbon barbecue, either at the back of your house or near the front, is that eventually, it gets dark. If you are anywhere like a typical home owner, you probably get home about 6:00 or 7:00, depending on how bad the traffic is. At that time, there’s really not that much light to work with. Do you see the problem here?

You may be groping in the dark grilling stuff. You might even invest in a floodlight or a spotlight. Now, those pieces of equipment will definitely make your problem go away, but guess what? It creates another problem because your neighbor is probably not all that happy seeing all that light in your backyard.

So how do you make sense of this situation? How do you solve this problem? How do you take the bull by the horns and handle it once and for all? Well, I figured out the answer. It really all boils down to finding the best outdoor solar lighting.

The great thing about solar lighting is that you place it outdoors, it collects light, and when it gets dark, it automatically turns on. Nice and simple. It sheds a light on a certain spot, and if there’s no motion, it turns off. It conserves its solar energy so it can be ready for when you need it. If you get close to it, it turns on because of its motion detector. Quick and easy, no drama, and very efficient.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, unfortunately, there are many of these products in the market and if you have bought one of them, chances are quite high that you probably regretted your decision because they didn’t last all that long. There are lots of solar outdoor lighting options that are not very durable. They work really well, they produce a lot of light, but they just don’t last all that long.

Maybe their solar energy collection capabilities are not made for long term wear. Maybe the light that they produce tends to fade over time. Maybe their light bulb even goes out after a relatively few uses. Whatever the situation may be, there is a tremendous amount of problems with these types of lighting.

Until you figure out the best brand for your particular set of needs, chances are, you probably will be groping around in the dark, literally and figuratively, as far as finding the best outdoor solar lighting is concerned. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. By clicking here, you can identify the best solar lighting products for your home.

Your backdoor barbecue using Latino spices can go well into the night without bothering anybody, and everybody would have a good time. Not only do you assure yourself of proper lighting, but you pretty much guarantee yourself great Latino food. Now, what’s not to love?